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I HAVE A TOOTHACHE! AND IT HURTS BAD! I've come to realize that my posts will probably never get read and I did this for my self so let me just vent what I want. I just got my 4 front teeth worked on, they look great. Work was done because I had one missing tooth and the other 3 had root canal and/or  cavity issues. So, you can only imagine how the rest of my mouth looked like. I'k a SUCKER/ADDICT for soda, for one. SUGAR is a must for me daily... AND NO I DON'T FLOSS! . Yes, I brush but from all these years of soda, sugar, alcohol, drugs, not flossing,etc. I have a mouth that looks like cancer. The dentist put a camera in m mouth and on this HUGE t.v. screen it showed my teeth, up close and personal. My parents cried, literally. Thus the 4 front teeth fixed ($6000). Went to a dentist that didn't even take medi-cal. So, back to the pain. I'd rather have labor pains. If I just open my mouth wide the air that hits my teeth kills the nerves. I can't even figure out what tooth/teeth it is. I'm popping Ibprofin like its candy (uuuggghhh). I'm hating on ORAJEL, cause it kinda helps. I need to get down to the General Hospital so they can just pull some more. This pain is unbearable. I did it to myself so I'm not whining, I'm just complaining. NOTE TO CHILDREN... FLOSS YOUR TEETH NOW, TODAY!